Biodiversity Data

The EWT works widely with partners in collecting, collating, managing and sharing many biodiversity datasets. The EWT is an Associate Participant Node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

Data-sharing allows researchers and conservation practitioners to expedite the conversion of primary research results into knowledge, products, and procedures to improve conservation initiatives. It is the view of the EWT that environmental data should be made as widely and freely available as possible while safeguarding confidentiality and proprietary rights.

The EWT's Biodiversity Data Bank is the central storage location for all ecological and spatial information within the EWT and its numerous partners. If you require Biodiversity data that is likely to be held by the EWT, for example, for use in Conservation Planning, Research or Environmental Impact Assessments, please click on “Request Data” above, and fill in the data-sharing request form. Note that requests for data can take from one to four weeks to process, depending on the volume of data requested.

Want to share your dataset but don’t have the infrastructure?

A massive volume of primary biodiversity data is generated around the world. However significant amounts of data are lost (or will be lost) due to inadequate processes for long-term data curation. To address this, GBIF has created a ‘Data Hosting Infrastructure’ that acts as a mechanism for archiving and publishing primary biodiversity data. This infrastructure supports data publishers who do not have access to the technical and infrastructural capacity required to directly discover and publish through the GBIF network.

The EWT is a Biodiversity Data Hosting Infrastructure Centre for GBIF and supports data publishers to directly discover and publish datasets through the GBIF network, with a particular emphasis on cross-boundary datasets. If you are interested in accessing EWT support for publishing your data, please contact Dr. Lizanne Roxburgh - email: email

“Participants at the GBIF Africa Nodes meeting in Benin” (Photographer - Russell Galt)