Birds of Prey Programme

Kalahari Raptor Project

The Kalahari Raptor Project’s activities are focused on the monitoring and conservation of all raptors and Vultures in the Northwest Province and Kalahari region of Southern Africa, with a particular focus in the area between Setlagole and Askham including the adjoining areas. The project has been running for several years and has already made a substantial contribution to the conservation of raptors and Vultures in the region.
The aim of the project is:

  • To action, support and coordinate conservation projects for all raptors and vultures;
  • Implementing mitigation measures to prevent a total collapse of all raptor and Vulture species and to minimise the negative impacts on raptor populations;
  • Monitor the distribution of the vulture and raptor populations and breeding colony density;
  • Creating public awareness about Vultures and other birds of prey in all different communities;
  • To do an annual census of vulture and other birds of prey populations in the project area;
  • Creating a positive attitude towards raptors and Vultures as indicators of a healthy and productive farming ecosystem;
  • Ringing and colour tagging of birds of prey and Vultures.

A better understanding of Vultures and other raptor species is required in order to determine the survival rate, breeding success rate, potential foraging range (including cross-boundary movements) and also juvenile dispersal dynamics.
Project Coordinator: Dirk van Stuyvenberg –