National Biodiversity and Business Network



Government and businesses are realising that the economic and social development of the country is dependent on healthy ecosystems and biodiversity. The South African National Development Plan: Vision 2030 confirms that national economic growth is dependent on the environmental sustainability of our proposed development path. The Plan refers to the need for transformation to ensure environmental sustainability by addressing the structural and systemic flaws of the economy and society with strength of leadership, boldness, visionary thinking and innovative planning.

Our natural resources, including water, wildlife, soil and flora, are essential for the country’s development and businesses are, as a consequence, also inextricably linked to the wellbeing and sustainable use of these resources. Therefore, the management of natural capital has to become an essential component of the formal risk management and governance of businesses. For organisations to remain competitive they have to identify their current and future impacts and dependencies on the environment. By doing so in a pro-active and collaborative manner, industry will also be able to identify opportunities related to the management of natural resources.

The National Biodiversity and Business Network was established in response to this new business imperative, in alignment with government's objective to build strategic partnerships in order to achieve an environmentally friendly developmental path.