National Biodiversity and Business Network


The establishment and success of the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) would not be possible without the buy-in of our Founding Partners, including the Department of Environmental Affairs, Nedbank, Transnet, Pam Golding Properties, Hatch Goba, Pick n Pay and De Beers Group of Companies, and our supporting partners.



Organisations and companies can become Partners of the NBBN if they commit a minimum annual or multi-year financial contribution, the value of which is determined annually by the steering committee.

To become a Supporting Partner an organisation will have to provide the NBBN with an in-kind contribution agreed between the Supporting Partner and the NBBN. The commitments and association of supporting partners will be renewed on an annual basis.

Becoming a Member of the Network is currently as simple as submitting your details to the NBBN manager for inclusion on our database.

To become a partner, supporting partner or member of the NBBN contact:
Shelley Lizzio
Manager: National Biodiversity and Business Network
Endangered Wildlife Trust
W + 27 11 372 3600 | Ext 64 | F + 27 11 608 4682 | C + 27 72 210 2085
Building K2, Pinelands Office Park, Ardeer Road, Modderfontein, 1609, South Africa
Private Bag X11, Modderfontein, 1645, Johannesburg, South Africa 


“South Africa is a signatory party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The Parties to the CBD have for some time been exploring ways to enhance private-sector collaboration in achieving the goals of the CBD. Decisions taken at the Conference of the Parties called upon governments to “…support the establishment of national and regional business and biodiversity initiatives. This Biodiversity and Business network is in response to our international obligations and will assist companies in understanding and mainstreaming the goals of the Convention and the Aichi Targets”. Nationally, the network will help facilitate the mainstreaming or internalization of biodiversity imperatives into the private sector – Department of Environmental Affairs.”

“We are proud to be one of the founding partners of the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) and believe it is a turning point for integrating biodiversity into South African business agendas and operations. When biodiversity is threatened, the health of our planet and all its ecosystems is threatened too. These ecosystems, whether they are aquatic – the oceans and rivers that give us water and seafood – or land based – supporting our farmers in growing crops and raising animals – are at the very base of all our operations at PnP. Without these ecosystems, we would not be able to bring products to our customers. ” – Bronwen Rohland, Director of Sustainability and Marketing at Pick n Pay.

“Nedbank believes that it is only through a shared understanding of integrated sustainability issues, including biodiversity, and collective responsibility that we will achieve a mutually desirable future. Our hope is that the National Biodiversity and Business Network will be the catalyst for such.” Brigitte Burnett, Head of Sustainability at Nedbank Limited.

“De Beers recognises the importance of collaboration and by participating in and supporting the Biodiversity and Business Network, demonstrates that businesses need not impose any limits on ambitions to contribute positively to mainstreaming biodiversity into economic development and restoring our natural capital base.” – Phillip Barton, CEO of De Beers Consolidated Mines.

“Hatch Goba, through its extensive involvement in the development of new projects in the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors, recognises the value of integrating biodiversity considerations into our business processes and is proud to be involved in this new initiative.” – Max Clark, Director of Environmental Services Group at Hatch Goba.

“It is indeed a privilege to play a role in the protection of our country’s natural assets and resources, as it our responsibility and our duty, as corporate citizens, to ensure this legacy for future generations. It is beyond question that this natural capital is integral to a sustainable growth economy and the more that we, as South African business, can integrate this consciousness into our business strategies, the better we can prepare for a prosperous future. Needless to say, this mission is integral to our obligation in being respected as the country’s leading real estate organisation and we look forward to making a valuable contribution accordingly.” – Anthony Stroebel, Chief Marketing Officer of Pam Golding Properties.

“Transnet is honoured to be a founding partner of this cutting edge initiative. One that will hopefully serve its purpose and ensure that the protection of our natural heritage becomes as much a part of the way we do business in this country, as the economic considerations that underpin business decisions themselves. As a state-owned company and the custodian of South Africa’s railway, ports and pipelines, Transnet is committed to ensuring the Government’s objectives for sustainable development are achieved and recognises the success of these objectives, complex as they are, rests heavily on corporate society’s ability to approach them in a cooperative and collaborative way.” – Khathutshelo Tshipala, Environmental Manager at Transnet.