National Biodiversity and Business Network


Value Proposition

Members will benefit from the Network in the following ways:

  • Have access to information regarding business and biodiversity (including payment for ecosystems services and products, biodiversity offsets, policy development around biodiversity legislation, market based instruments for biodiversity, natural capital declaration), through latest studies, papers, events and developments internationally and nationally.
  • Be informed about research outcomes conducted by the Network or other relevant stakeholders.
  • Be informed about events nationally and internationally organised around this theme.
  • Have access to training sessions organised nationally.
  • Have access to sectoral (i.e. mining, transport, tourism, food industry, property development. media and others) strategic sessions to facilitate businesses in mainstreaming biodiversity.
  • Have access to networking sessions on a range of topics relevant to business and biodiversity.
  • Be able to exchange information about their initiatives in the context of biodiversity and business.
  • Have an opportunity to shape the debate and meet the challenges around biodiversity and business in the South African context.
  • Be able to liaise with government and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the policy directions in terms of biodiversity and business.
  • Be introduced to international and national experts.
  • Have access to the annual conference.

For the duration of their financial support, Partners will benefit from their association with the Network in the following additional ways:

  • Entitled to branding rights for the duration of their support of the NBBN.
  • Inclusion of their logo in each communication made by the Network and with each event organised by the Network.
  • Acknowledgement of their support as a partner of the NBBN on the EWT website.
  • Acknowledgement from the EWT as a Supporter in the EWT's Annual Conservation Report.
  • Association with media events and interventions related to the Network.
  • Call on the NBBN manager for input or support on biodiversity and business related matters.

Supporting partners will benefit from their association with the Network in the same ways as the partners except that they will have limited branding rights and they will only be recognised as Supporting Partners on the EWT website and in some communications and events.