Threatened Amphibian Programme

Amathole Toad Conservation Project

The Amathole Toad (Vandijkophrynus amatolicus) is a small toad, restricted to the montane grassland of the Winterberg and Amatola mountains. Its status has recently been raised to Critically Endangered (IUCN, 2010). It was also recognized as having high priority by Amphibian Ark and was recommended for a full captive breeding rescue plan. The species has only been seen twice in 26 years (most recently in September 2011 by Jeanne Tarrant). It is a grassland wetland species and is threatened largely by forestry activity within its range. This project is supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund....READ MORE

Specific conservation actions for the Amathola Toad include:

  • Surveys of the entire range of the species to establish distribution and population size.
  • Investigating the threats, including possible impact of a Ranavirus infection.
  • Establishing a relationship with forestry companies in the range to implement long-term management strategies.
  • Providing recommendations to forestry companies for lessening their potential impact on this species, e.g. wetland buffer zones.