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Yellow-breasted Pipit Project

The Yellow-breasted Pipit Project is recognised as Vulnerable (IUCN - global and national), however this status is in need of review. They are endemic and occur only in moist highland grasslands (the most threatened grassland biome in South Africa) of the Drakensburg, endemic to South Africa in a strip from Mpumalanga near Dullstroom to the northern Eastern Cape and a small population extends in Lesotho. They breed at altitudes above 1 500 meters above sea level.

Their threatened status is largely due to habitat loss and range contractions suggesting that their small populations are undergoing declines, which is expected to accelerate given projected rates of habitat loss. Furthermore, they are particularly sensitive to disturbance and even slight habitat degradation through poor land management is a significant threat. This species is therefore considered an important indicator of the condition of Moist Highland Grasslands and has been identified as an umbrella species for grassland habitat conservation.

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