Wildlife & Energy Programme

Avifaunal and Bat Impact Assessments

The EWT-WEP provides specialist input into new electrical and energy infrastructure and other related projects on a consultancy basis. Our avifaunal and bat specialist studies make use of the best available data and techniques such as GIS analysis and mapping, to provide a professional product to the client.

We have worked on projects ranging from 11 kilovolt to 765 kilovolt power lines, 10MW to 450MW wind and solar generation plants, wastewater treatment infrastructure and many others. The EWT is fully BBBEE compliant and the EWT-WEP avifaunal and bat specialists are accredited with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP), and are members of the International Association for Impact Assessment SA (IAIAsa).

The EWT-WEP has recently set up 12 month avian pre-construction monitoring programmes on six different wind farm sites, and manages these projects, along with analysing the data collected and reporting back to the client. We believe we are industry leaders when it comes to this type of pioneering work in South Africa. With the construction of numerous Wind Farms imminent, there will soon be a need for well planned and robust mortality monitoring of WEF’s once operational. WEP is well positioned to lead the way in this field.