Careers in Conservation Meet the newest member of our pack – Sizie Modise

Hi everybody!

My name is Sizie, and I would like to introduce myself to you all. I just joined EWT as head of Marketing, and I am excited to dive in.

Sizie Modise Head of Marketing for the Endangered Wildlife Trust

I have many years of experience across a variety of challenging, rewarding bucket list-type endeavours, ranging from working alongside international artists to heading up the marketing division for a unique ex situ conservation project in the heart of South Africa. I’ve raised two guide dogs and have a passion for wildlife photography when I get the chance. Music is in my blood, and I must admit my playlists are often an eclectic mix of various artists across genres. Always up for adventure, my mantra is “Great things never come from comfort zones.”

Here is a little bit about my journey to a career in conservation

Job title: Head of Marketing

Location: Johannesburg Head Office

Where did you grow up?  I grew up mostly in Johannesburg but lived between Lagos, London, and Dubai for about ten years. I moved back to South Africa in 2014

What are your hobbies/things you like to do in your spare time? Reading, listening to music and horseback riding are big passions of mine, polo in particular, but I haven’t ridden much since the pandemic. Spending time with my loved ones is extremely rewarding as well.

Any pets?  I don’t have any pets at present, although I have raised two guide dogs in recent times

Favourite animal and why: This is a difficult one to answer. There are so many incredible animals that exist, and some that unfortunately have been rendered extinct. I have many that I admire for different reasons. For the purposes of fulfilling this answer of giving just one as an answer, I would say the Gorilla because, to me, they personify the earth in terms of temperament, in a way. Gorillas are powerful and strikingly unique, not only for their size and force but also for their gentle demeanour.

Favourite food? Sushi on a hot day, and my favourite comfort winter meal would most likely be Egusi Stew with pounded yam (Nigerian dish)

Pet peeve? Tardiness in all its forms… also people chewing with their mouths open

Why did you want to work for the EWT? I believe that my professional background, combined with my passion for wildlife conservation, is a fantastic fit for joining the EWT team, which I believe is an organisation dedicated to the well-being of human and animal communities. I think I bring something different to the table and feel I can add positively to an already incredible group of incredible individuals that make up the pack.

What excites you about this new position? Literally everything! I am excited to work with some of the most incredible people in the conservation industry on the planet. I am so proud of the work the EWT does, and I’m ready to start climbing up the mountain tops and shouting it to the world!

What are you passionate about? Life. We are all so privileged to be alive and make a difference not only to the animals we are working towards protecting but changing how the world treats and perceives the wonderful wilderness we love and cherish.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and who did it come from? “ Don’t stop believing in yourself, keep going, be kind and help others along the way…” my beautiful mother, who sadly transcended at the end of September this year, was the most gentle, loving person- my cheerleader and counsel for all things. She was always ready to help the next person, so much so that many people who had the privilege of knowing her came to call her mama… I shared her with many.

What is your go-to feel-good song? Calvin Harris – Giant ft Rag n Bone man

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