Running for Lions

Melissa Jacobs and Sune Alexander are passionate about the plight of our wild lions and are running the Comrades Marathon to raise money for lions by supporting our lion project in the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTFCA).

The Endangered Wildlife Trust, SANParks, the National Administration of Conservation Areas in Mozambique, the Mozambique Wildlife Alliance, and Peace Parks Foundation have embarked on an ambitious partnership to understand and protect the GLTFCA’s population of Africa’s most iconic species. A vital project component involves monitoring lion prides across the GLTFCA using GPS satellite collars. The information provided by the collars helps anti-poaching teams to produce priority maps that show habitat, landscape features, and other resources used regularly by lions. Teams can then focus their protection efforts in high-risk areas rather than trying to secure large swathes of ‘potential’ lion habitat. Poachers sometimes use similar information to target lions more effectively, and we want to be a step ahead of them. The collars will also be used to check on the lions more frequently to identify missing individuals and track their movements to identify potential poaching activities.

The EWT will use the funds raised by Sune and Melissa to collar lions and implement relevant anti-poaching activities.

  • Satellite VHF Lion collars: R50,000 each
  • Lion monitoring for one month: R50,000
  • Vehicle payment and maintenance for 24 months: R250,000
  • 100 Camera traps: R250,000

Help us do more for our wild lions – the Pride of Africa!

To find out more and support Sune and Melissa, follow this link.