Tammy Baker, EWT Business Development Officer,

As a conservation NGO, we are reliant on the generosity and efforts of others to keep our staff in the field doing what they do best, conservation in action. Many of our corporate supporters are facing financial challenges as a result of Covid-19, and this affects us significantly. We need support now more than ever and appeal to you to become a Conservation Champion for the EWT by joining our fundraising pack.  

Reza Joseph is the most recent addition to our league of Conservation Champions. 

After following our work and joining our Meet the Cheetahs Wild Chat, Reza realised how important the conservation of this cat is and launched a Back A Buddy campaign to raise funds for the relocation of Cheetah back onto Rietvlei Reserve. Check out and support Rezas campaign here There are lots of ways in which you can help raise vital funds for conservation, in your own home or community. 

Host an online dinner party or wine tasting just for fun or to celebrate a special occasion donate your birthday to the EWT by asking for contributions instead of gifts, organise a virtual race, or get creative and come up with a fundraising challenge of your own. By challenging yourself, or supporting others who do so, you will help to ensure that our work continues as it should. Its free, and its fun, and you can make a real difference. We need you now more than ever to help us to continue to protect forever, together. To get started, contact Tammy Baker at 

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A word from the CEO March 2023

When Clive Walker, Neville Anderson, and James Clarke registered the Endangered Wildlife Trust in 1973, They had no idea where it would go or what it would do for species and habitat conservation in the region. This year the Endangered Wildlife Trust commemorates 50 years of conservation excellence. The EWT has achieved remarkable gains for many species,

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