Grant Beverley, Lowveld Regional Coordinator, EWT Carnivore Conservation Programme

Rowan Ferreira and Hoedspruit SPAR have partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to raise funds and increase awareness around the conservation of endangered species. Wild Dogs are currently the second most endangered canid in Africa, after the Ethiopian Wolf, and the most endangered carnivore in South Africa. Their behaviour is rather unique among canid species. They form incredibly strong social bonds with one another and are highly intelligent animals. Operating as a single unit, Wild Dog packs are some of the most successful predators in the world, but they need our help.  Hoedspruit SPAR has encouraged customers to add R1,00 to their shopping to raise much needed funds towards the collaring of Wild Dogs in the Greater Hoedspruit area.

Hoedspruit SPAR has also launched a colouring competition for kids, where they stand the chance to win a fluffy toy and a SPAR voucher. Kulani Nyakane from the EWT recently visited Mgidi Primary School to launch the project. One hundred and ten learners from Mgidi made their voices heard through animal art, and winners were judged on the best solution to fight poaching as well as their creativity. Congratulations boys and girls!

“Rhinos are special and need to be protected in order to ensure that future generations may have the privilege to see rhinos in the wild. I think there should be programmes that teach us about the importance of rhinos because the more we understand the better equipped we are to protect them.” Mnisi Mvuselelo, age 12 (grade 6)

More schools are signing up to take part, and if you would like your school to participate, please get in touch.

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When Clive Walker, Neville Anderson, and James Clarke registered the Endangered Wildlife Trust in 1973, They had no idea where it would go or what it would do for species and habitat conservation in the region. This year the Endangered Wildlife Trust commemorates 50 years of conservation excellence. The EWT has achieved remarkable gains for many species,

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