We were sincerely grateful to receive a moving tribute from a long-time supporter of the EWT, Greg Bond.

“I have been in communication with EWT for at least the past 20 years. This includes email education, updates on projects, donation requests, interesting presentations and their beautiful Vision editions. I have been contributing to their donation requests as they are all for a good cause as well as buying time for the future.

The continual habitat loss, stress on species and extinctions really sadden me. It is uplifting to read about the positive work and successes that EWT does and have achieved. It has been a pleasure to have helped some projects in the form of small contributions.

In this light, I have decided to leave a considerable portion of my estate to EWT, which is mentioned in my latest will.

I sincerely hope that more of your supporters do the same to help preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Best regards, Greg.

If you too yearn for a better future for your children, leave a Legacy for Life by remembering the EWT in your will, and help us secure the health of our planet and its wildlife beyond your lifetime.

All bequests made to the EWT create legacies for life that are immeasurable and remembered through the survival of our endangered species and spaces.

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