Yolan Friedmann, EWT CEO

YolanF@ewt.org.zaThe EWT has, for over 47 years, been a champion of conservation in southern Africa, putting a wide diversity of threatened species on the road to a secure future. Our work to successfully address human-wildlife conflict, developmental impacts, habitat loss, over-utilisation, and inadequate enforcement of our robust legal framework, has seen a number of species recover from their perilous fates and begin their journey towards a sustainable, albeit a conservation-dependant future. Our innovative spirit, based on generating new ideas and conceptualising ground-breaking solutions, and developing inclusive partnerships for collaborative thinking, supports the possibility of a sustainable future for the wildlife and communities we serve.

With a focus firmly on the future, and to ensure that the EWT remains a strong and impactful conservation force forever, we have long since recognised the need to secure our own foundation, but by achieving this ‘the EWT way’, that encompasses innovative, collaborative and future-ready thinking. The EWT has now taken a giant step towards protecting our own forever.

The Wild Dog pack chooses its den wisely. The best dens offer the pack – and their pups, their future leaders – a safe home, with good access to resources, security from major threats, and ease of access for pack members. A safe haven in which the future of the pack can be nurtured and developed, and where the best of the species will not only survive, but will grow and thrive.

After a long search, the EWT has found its den and will soon be relocating to our forever home in Glen Austin, Midrand. Nestled in the middle of Johannesburg’s bustling development circle, the EWT’s den offers more than 6 hectares of prime under-developed property encompassing a protected wetland and Highveld grass cover. With close proximity to all major highways and byways, the EWT’s new home is also within easy cycling distance from the Gautrain station. Set midway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, it is quite extraordinary that the EWT was able to find a 15-acre site that is not only perfect for our own dream, but also worthy of conservation in itself. The site forms part of a critical waterway connecting a series of wetlands and streams in the Glen Austin area, a suburb renowned for its high diversity of wildlife, and in particular, the rare Giant Bullfrog. Despite increasing urbanisation, this area still offers refuge to Cape Clawless Otters, Grey Herons, and even an occasional African Python.

The EWT has achieved great gains for the conservation of several threatened species and their habitats, over many years, with the support and teamwork of our great partners. With their eyes also firmly set on the future and how we will protect forever together, the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust, and Rand Merchant Bank have helped to secure the EWT’s future by investing in the dream of developing a Wildlife Campus in the City. Our dream is to create much more than a den for only the EWT and, in time, the true scale of our vision will be revealed.

Our future is bright and we look forward to embarking on an ambitious project that will revolutionise the way in which the EWT operates as an entity, interacts with our stakeholders, shares resources, educates and informs all people, builds capacity, initiates enterprises, embraces new partnerships, and showcases the marvels of our natural world.

Our pack is on the move and, by the end of 2019, the EWT will be setting up home for the last time. A home that offers refuge, sanctuary, and safety for wildlife and wildlife lovers far and wide, and which will catalyse life-changing moments for decades to come.

From 2020 onwards, please note our new contact information:

Physical address: 27 and 28 Austin Road, Glen Austin AH, Midrand, 1685

Phone: 011 372 3600

Several other partners have contributed significantly to making this dream a reality including Standard Bank, SpeedSpace, Wiggett Architects, Ryobi, Duram Paints and The Meter Man. We are immensely grateful to all those who share our vision and to those who will soon join us in this journey.

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