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The EWT celebrated Wills Week from the 26–30 October 2020. During this week, we highlighted the importance of having an up-to-date will to ensure the fulfilment of your last wishes, and that including in your will a bequest to an organisation like the EWT is a perfect way to ensure that your legacy contributes to a better future for our planet. And donations to the EWT from your estate also qualify for tax relief on your estate, which means that your beneficiaries benefit more.

Established in Clive Walker’s garage in the 1970s, the Endangered Wildlife Trust has steadily grown into an international conservation NGO with a staff of over 100, saving threatened species and ecosystems across southern and eastern Africa. The EWT is proud of the positive impact we have had on some of Africa’s most endangered wildlife over the past 48 years, all of which was done with our strong partners and loyal supporters. With your support, and that of many before you, we have taken conservation in Africa to new heights. As a trust reliant entirely on donor funding, we haven’t done this alone. Our legacy has been borne and carried by the support we have received, and much of our work is only made possible through bequests. You can become an integral part of wildlife conservation when you join the EWT family, working together to save the species and natural spaces on our beautiful continent.

The EWT has been privileged to receive bequests from the following individuals, and through their generosity, we have achieved significant milestones in species conservation and habitat protection, and we extend our sincerest thanks.Bequests received 2019/20
Harvey Trust
Simmon Estate
Yvonne Morris
Conor Tomlin
Gaynor Estate
BA Nicholson

None of us can avoid the need to have an up-to-date will that ensures that our last wishes are carried out, and our legacy is continued in the way that we want it to. We have joined forces with Capital Legacy to make the process as simple as possible. Capital Legacy is also committed to protecting forever, together, and for every Legacy Protection Plan™ referral they receive from the EWT, they will make a donation to our critical conservation work. Please use this link if you would like to use their services and please specify that you are an EWT supporter The EWT Forever Forest
All bequests made to the EWT create legacies for life that are immeasurable and remembered through the survival of our Endangered species and their wild spaces. However, as an organisation, we feel it is important to do more to celebrate the legacies bequeathed to us, and the contribution they make towards protecting forever, together. To this end, we have created a Forever Forest on our Conservation Campus in Midrand, in which we plant an indigenous Forever tree for each person who leaves a Legacy for Life, providing a living memorial that will be cared for and continue to grow for generations to come!

Forever Forests are beautiful, tranquil places for friends and family to gather, pay tribute, heal, remember, and to celebrate all life. If you yearn for a better future for your children, leave a Legacy for Life by remembering the EWT in your will, and help us to secure the health of our planet and its wildlife, beyond your lifetime.
For more information, contact Tammyb@ewt.org.za


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