Speed space

The EWT would like to thank Speedspace for the donation of beautiful cabins for our workspace. For over 45 years, Speedspace has specialised in providing long- or short-term affordable, practical, and efficient on-site space management solutions. These cabins have assisted the staff by providing them with safe, clean, and spacious workspaces, enabling them to continue EWT’s critical conservation work in comfort and style.

Forever Forest

Johan Pansegrouw and Stefan Delpoort visited our Conservation Campus in Midrand last week to plant five indigenous trees that they donated. These trees are the newest addition to our Forever Forest. Thank you Johan and Stefan for your generosity.You can be a conservation champion too! Have you linked your MySchool card to the EWT yet?LATEST STORIES


Featured Story

A word from the CEO March 2023

When Clive Walker, Neville Anderson, and James Clarke registered the Endangered Wildlife Trust in 1973, They had no idea where it would go or what it would do for species and habitat conservation in the region. This year the Endangered Wildlife Trust commemorates 50 years of conservation excellence. The EWT has achieved remarkable gains for many species,

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