CAREERS IN CONSERVATION – Julia Van der Riet in London

Julia is a Volunteer fundraiser in the UK for the EWT. Here is a little bit about Julia’s journey to a career in conservation.

Job title: Volunteer fundraiser in the UK

What do you do in your day-day work?  I’ll be meeting with UK-based potential donors to get support for different areas of the EWT, likely beginning with the Eye in the Sky project and Soutpansberg. As well as helping with marketing efforts

Location: London

Where did you grow up? Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg

What are your hobbies/things you like to do in your spare time? Hiking, running/walking with a good podcast on, painting and cooking.

Any pets? 2 rescue dogs, Monty & Phoebe who live with my parents in SA.

Favourite animal and why: Fish eagle, their call must one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Or tortoise, for their determination and endearing characteristics.

Favourite food? Pasta

Pet peeve? Litter

Why did you want to work for the EWT? To contribute towards making a difference in the natural world – something I talk about regularly but haven’t yet put into practise in a significant way.

What excites you about this new position? The opportunity to find creative ways of getting people to care more deeply about conservation in Africa, and in turn perhaps globally.

What are you passionate about? Knowledge and expanding my own; sharing and deepening my appreciation for nature.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, and who did it come from? When I’m stressed, my father’s advice is to get up, go for a walk or write down your thoughts, and approach the situation with a fresh perspective.

What is your go-to feel-good song? Walk of Life by the Dire Straits or Sedona by Houndmouth