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If ever there’s a good reason to shop, it is in support of something meaningful. Buy exclusive gifts for someone else or yourself from the EWT’s GetWild shop or one of our supporters. After all, you deserve it

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You can help us save lives and conserve the habitats that sustain all life. There are many exciting ways to become a Conservation Champion and support our work: corporate sponsorship, monthly donations, “donating” your birthday through tribute gifts, leaving a Legacy for Life, supporting our supporters, hosting fundraising events, and more.

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We are working towards a better today and tomorrow, and we’re having fun doing it! Join us at one of our exciting events and celebrate as you support our wildlife and wild spaces.

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Africa’s extraordinary wildlife diversity, vast open landscapes and unique cultural heritage, coupled with a spirit of adventure, promise endless opportunities for a thriving low-impact ecotourism economy. Wildlife and nature lend themselves to low-density and high-value experiences, benefitting tourists and the communities and conservation areas they support. The EWT works to ensure that we retain our broad diversity of wild species and places for tourists to visit, that we have functioning ecosystems on which rural people depend, and that our economy can flourish. Here are some of our exclusive wildlife and wild spaces adventures.

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We have awesome jobs and delight in sharing our joy and knowledge! We also know the importance of celebrating what we love in this world and spreading awareness of nature’s importance, which is often overlooked but essential for our survival. Help us to raise awareness and funds to save our threatened species and ecosystems, and help those around us – humans and other species.