Medike Nature Reserve

Medike Nature Reserve

The Soutpansberg is one of 18 recognised centres of endemism in southern Africa, with many species that don’t occur anywhere else, including a variety of rare and threatened plant species. The Endangered Wildlife Trust identified the urgent need to protect the Soutpansberg Mountains, their diversity of threatened species and extraordinary variety of habitat types, their crucial role in water production, and their value as a centre of cultural heritage.

The EWT has embarked on a long-term journey to realise our dream of establishing the formally protected Soutpansberg Protected Area (SPA), spanning more than 27,000 hectares. This area includes the EWT’s properties, Medike East and West Nature Reserve (2,733 hectares). The Medike Nature Reserve reserve boasts 58 butterfly species, 15 scorpions, 19 amphibians, 61 reptiles, 59 mammals, 229 birds, and 237 tree species. Among these are the Cape Vulture (Vulnerable), Narina Trogan (Least Concern), Crowned Eagle (Near Threatened), Leopard (Vulnerable), Brown Hyaena (Near Threatened), Natal Red Duiker, and the Endangered Mountain Reedbuck. The Endangered Induna Acreae butterfly (Telchinia induna salmontana) is only found on Mount Lajuma, the highest peak in the Soutpansberg and the Soutpansberg Flat Lizard (Platysaurus relictus) is one of the other species endemic to the Soutpansberg mountains.

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The Soutpansberg is recognised as

A Priority Conservation Area by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)

A Critical Biodiversity Area by the Limpopo provincial conservation authority

A Strategic Groundwater
Source Area

part of South Africa’s National Protected Area Expansion Strategy (NPAES)

part of the UNESCO Vhembe Biosphere Reserve proclaimed in 2009

an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA)

Rates Day visitors:

R100 per person

50 Kids under 12

excludes additional activity costs specified below.
these fees go directly towards the development and maintenance of trails on the reserve, which double up as anti-poaching patrol routes).  Prices excl. VAT

Additional Activities include


229 bird species
to spot


Follow the
Old Salt Trail


4X4 Trails

High clearance
vehicle is


Ranger Experiences

Spend a day with
a field ranger



Become a
scientist for
the day



Camping or log
cabin facilities



Ranger experiences
Paid volunteer research
Research experience


The Soutpansberg is a birding paradise, with 229 bird species recorded on Medike Nature Reserve. Birders can see a wide range of birds, such as the majestic Crowned and Verreaux’s eagles soaring over the cliffs, the various storks wading in the river, the Narina Trogon in the forests, and the nearby colony of Cape Vultures. Birders are also welcome to enjoy our birdlife as day visitors on the reserve.



Walk in the footsteps of Africa’s ancient tribes,

Follow the paths of the elephants of old,

From the foothills of the secret Soutpansberg,

Climb high above the clouds to the mountain’s mighty peak


Ranger experiences

Spend a day out on patrol with Medike’s experienced field rangers and researchers and experience what it is like to be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation. Learn how to look out for snares and other signs of poaching, service camera traps, and tag images while enjoying a day out in the bush.

Dependent on reserve management schedule and advanced booking is preferable. Only available to overnight visitors.


R240 per person, excl. VAT (fees go directly towards the conservation of the reserve)

To make a booking please email us

Paid volunteer research

Durham University’s Primate and Predator Project is now based in, and operating from, Medike Nature Reserve!

If you want to participate in long-term primate and predator research, contact us by emailing the link below.

The Primate and Predator Project only accept assistants for three months or longer. Please see our Research Experience below if you would like to join us for a shorter period.


Research experience

Become a scientist for the day by monitoring the biodiversity on the reserve.

Join an EWT researcher on a hike to download pictures from camera traps around the reserve, identify animals captured in the photos, and see if you can find a Leopard!

Dependent on reserve management schedule and advanced booking is preferable. Only available to overnight visitors.


R240 per person excl. VAT (fees go directly towards the conservation of the reserve)

To make a booking please email us on the link below


The recently refurbished campsite makes an excellent base for overnight visitors wanting to explore the mountain. Campers must be self-sufficient. The site can accommodate a maximum of four groups of campers with rustic, basic amenities available:

  • Two open-air toilets
  • Two open-air showers (gas-heated)
  • Running water
  • No WiFi or electricity at the campsite


  • Adults R150 per person, per night + R50 conservation fee.
  • Children R75 per person, per night (under 12)
  • Children under six stay for free.
  • Prices excl. VAT.

To make a booking please email us on the link below


The log cabin


The Log Cabin is not available at the moment
Enjoy an extended stay on Medike in our charming, rustic Log Cabin, situated near the Medike reception at the bottom of the gorge, within a stone’s throw of the Sand River.

The cabin sleeps two to four people and is self-catering

  • Open plan kitchen, lounge area
  • Wooden deck (not suitable for children under five years)
  • Solar power
  • Fridge with freezer compartment
  • Gas stove
  • Bathroom with gas-heated shower
  • Bedroom upstairs in an open loft area with double bed (bedding & towels provided)
  • Two single beds can be added to the lounge area on request
  • WiFi only (free). No cell phone reception.
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Braai area, wood can be purchased at R20 a bag

(Please do not bring any wood onto the property due to the risk of Shot Hole Borer Beetle infestations of our indigenous trees).


R300 per person, per night + R50 conservation fee.

R175 per person, per night (under 12)
Prices excl. VAT.

To make a booking please email us

For more information

Please note that some areas of Medike are only accessible by high clearance or 4×4 vehicles, but arrangements can be made to accommodate guests without.