Leap day for Frogs


What is Leap Day for Frogs?

Leap Day for Frogs is a national awareness day to celebrate South Africa’s frog diversity and bring some much-needed attention to our furless friends the frogs! 

This year, we celebrate ten years of awareness days for frogs in South Africa, and 50 years since the EWT was founded. We will be bringing you fun frog facts weekly and invite YOU to share your frog facts with us.  

Frogs are not just long-limbed leapers. These water-loving amphibians are extremely important in our ecosystems by providing food to a wide array of other animals and consuming vast quantities of insects. They are also important bio-indicators due to their sensitive skins and bi-phasic lifestyles. In other words, if they are around, it means our environment is healthy. These barometers of life are now the most threatened group of species on Earth.   

 In an effort to bring awareness to these very important and beautiful yet under threat creatures, we are holding the 10th LEAP DAY FOR FROGS DAY ON THE 28th February 2023. 

The aim of Leap Day for Frogs is to:

  • Raise awareness about the global amphibian crisis and the importance of freshwater habitats in sustaining biodiversity and human health.
  • Celebrate amphibian diversity.
  • Create a platform for citizen science.
  • Have fun in the name of frogs!

We invite you to join one of our organised events or for interested organisations and individuals to carry out their own activities that highlight amphibian conservation and generate increased awareness.

Let us know what you are doing to celebrate our frogs this Leap Day by registering your event here

Who we are

Learn more about the EWT’s Threatened Amphibian Programme

EWT & Partner Events

  • 18 February – Partnering with Hillcrest Conservancy for a frog talk and guided walk with Dr Jeanne Tarrant at Springside Nature Reserve, Hillcrest, KZN
  • 25 February – Partnering with Kloof Conservancy for fun frog activities for the family, followed by a guided walk with Dr Jeanne Tarrant at Iphithi Nature Reserve, Hillcrest, KZN
  • 25–26 February – uShaka Sea World will be hosting frog information tables outside their Dangerous Creatures exhibition, Durban, KZN
  • 25–26 February – Pretoria Zoo will be hosting activities at the Zoo
  • 28 February – Shapes of Africa – Mount Moreland Conservancy – frog outing and
  • 1 March – Simbithi Eco-Estate – residents frog talk and walk with Dr Jeanne Tarrant
  • 3 March – University of the Free State will be hosting activities at the Bloemfontein Botanical Garden

How you can get involved

  • Participate in one of our organised events for Leap Day for Frogs
  • Send us your #FrogFacts
  • Hold a fundraiser through civvies days (wear green) or a cake sale of frog-shaped cookies, cupcakes and cakes to raise money for frog conservation by donating here
  • Post frog flyers/posters on the school or office notice board
  • Learn about frogs! Hold a class on frog biology using our Frogs in the Classroom videos here and contact us for the frog poster for your region
  • Do some frog art, or poetry!
  • Play a game of Leap Frog!
  • Clean up a local frog habitat.
  • Build a frog pond at home or at your school. Here are some handy instructions

Our Partners

Participating organisations
  • Kloof Conservancy
  • Iphithi Nature Reserve & Gillitts Conservancy
  • Hillcrest Conservancy
  • KZN Coastal Frogging Forum
  • North-West University
  • University of the Free State
  • Pennington Conservancy
  • University of the Free State
  • UShaka Sea World
  • Shapes of Africa – Mount Moreland
Supporting Partners