Alison Janicke, EWT Head of Resource Development

For over 30 years, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) has been actively involved in the conservation of wildlife and ecosystems in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. To date FMCSA has invested almost R40 million to support more than 170 conservation projects. Generously sponsored Ford Rangers make it possible for EWT field officers to get where they need to be and make a real impact for conservation, and the communities they work with. FWF is funded by the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa and supported by its nationwide network of Ford Dealers. The EWT would like to thank FWF for their incredible support over the years. FWF currently supports our Cheetah, Wild Dog, Amphibian, Crane and Wildlife and Roads projects, all of which require our field staff to be on the open road and driving through rough terrain for hours on end. These projects would not be as successful as they have been without the support of the FWF and their Ford Rangers.On top of their incredible vehicle support, Ford donated 120 face shields for our staff to use in the field, so that even when they are not in their Rangers, they can continue with their critical conservation work. Thank you, Ford, for keeping the EWT field officers in the field doing what they do best.

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