There are times when words are simply not enough to express our gratitude, and this is how we feel about the generous bequests the EWT has received this year. Their generosity has enabled us to achieve significant milestones in species conservation and habitat protection. Fortunately, South Africa has many languages and different ways to express thanks.

Ngiyabonga, Enkosi, Ngiyabonga kakhulu, Dankie, Re a leboga,

Ke a leboha haholo, Ndo livhuwa,  Ndza Nkhensa, Thank you


All bequests made to the EWT create legacies for life that are immeasurable and remembered through the survival of our Endangered species and their wild spaces. However, as an organisation, we feel it is important to do more to celebrate the legacies bequeathed to us, and the contribution they make towards protecting forever, together. To this end, we have created a Forever Forest on our Conservation Campus in Midrand, in which we plant an indigenous Forever tree for each person who leaves a Legacy for Life, providing a living memorial that will be cared for and continue to grow for generations to come! Forever Forests are beautiful, tranquil places for friends and family to gather, pay tribute, heal, remember, and to celebrate all life.

If you yearn for a better future for your children, leave a Legacy for Life by remembering the EWT in your will, and help us to secure the health of our planet and its wildlife, beyond your lifetime. For more information, contact Tammyb@ewt.org.za